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October 2008
Jane & Beer Mickey & Tar
Experienced strumpet Kat puts on loads of makeup and lingerie then sits around waiting for something to happen. When nothing does happen and out of sheer boredom she decides to have a wank and she eventually gives up the glue.

Cute Kate is having a dream and by all accounts it's quite a nice one, too! She wakes up and releases her cock from the tiny lacy thing it's hiding behind and jerks off.

Juicy Jane finds an embalmed man on her bed and decides to see if there is any life in him. Unfortunately the only thing that is NOT rigid is this blokes cock! Still, our pretty heroine perseveres and they both play with their noodles.

Curvy Kiki throws her aubern hair all over the place as she shifts from her favourite spot in front of the mirror to her least favourite place... her own bed. Once on the bed she wriggles around and plays with her willy for a while.

This chair is made slightly more interesting because there is a ladyboy, Da, sitting on it. A shame really because she is hiding the most interesting feature of this video...

Now it is Joy on the chair but thankfully she does make it interesting. But soon the chair gets neglected in favor of the chaise lounge where our Guess Bar perennial can continue her self gratification in more comfort.

Beautiful Mickey gives us something to cheer for as she exposes her natural beauty and fabulous body to the camera. Soon her playmate Tar arrives and they start doing all the things that you payto see including some 'happy slaps' for free!

Pretty young Aum smiles her way through this outdoor shoot from Shemale Island. Eventually she realises that the disco is over and she strips out of her zebra dress. Cute ladyboy with a nice body.

Nude and naughty Nati pouts and preens for the camera and manages to play with her hard cock at the same time. Knowing when she's on to a good thing she does the same thing for the next few minutes finally spilling a little ladyboy lather!

Sexy Ching unwraps a lollypop and sucks it in a sexy suggestive way whilst playing with her naughty bits. Eventually she strips off and gets the old soldier to stand to attention and sometime after that she makes the old boy sick a little bit...
September 2008
Delightful Yam puts on her dancing shoes and then shows off her sexy clothes... but she doesn't like the fishnets too much because they are torn off in a frantic display to increase the tension. Then she plays with her dick for a few minutes...

The natural wonder and beauty that is Noon makes the membership fees worth paying for! This beautiful, sexy ladyboy slowly strips out of her nightie and shows us why she is so famous. Pretty ladyboy with a great body and a good attitude shine through.

Will wants to be a photographer but it turns out that he makes a much better model! From then on the gorgeous Kartoon just gets hammered deep in all kinds of different ways.

Asian Aum strips out of her sexy outfit to reveal a perfect ladyboy body. Soon enough we get to see her big hard dick and that's when the fun really starts! Here's a model who looks as if she is enjoying herself and there's no hiding the Tsunami at the end!

Another outdoors shoot from Shemale Island and sexy little Ice is the one providing the entertainment here. Pretty ladyboy, nice body and friendly attitude as she dances and then jerks off.

Sexy and sensual Asian beauty Nong shows off her natural charms to the beat of some dreadful music but if you mute the sound it's a great video.

Poor Tar looks like she's been given a glass of piss to drink but soon after that shameless piece of theater she gets down to the important job of being a sex toy for the Asian delivery boy!

Another ladyboy from Shemale Island, the pouty Oh dances to the sound of nature. Unfortunately, she has the natural rhythm of an Emporer penguin so she has a lie down and jerks off.

Blimey... Shemale Island part three! Dressed for the prom but lying outside on a beach towel, Sang decides that here is as good as anywhere to strip off and show of her shapely body.

Fruity Pear checks her diary and as it seems a little light on bookings she decides to give herself an appointment! Seasoned slapper with fat cock chokes the chicken till it is sick. The fishnets choke off the blood supply to everywhere, it seems!
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August 2008
Sultry and charming Charm decides to reveal her fat cock on the desk. Is she the only ladyboy in history to suck the end of a balloon? Anyway - she soon finds somewhere more comfortable and proceeds to jerk off...

Veretan vice vixen Amey lays down on the couch for a self inspection. Luckily for us it seems as though everything is in working order. Eventually she pulls on the pecker long enough for it to throw up a good wad of ladyboy lather!

Eats & Joy (above left) decide that to unwind after a hard day watching telly and give each other a ruddy good feel-up. Relax and enjoy these two Guess Bar beauties fuck and suck each other. Poor Joy seems about to burst into giggles half the time!

Sweet looking Jenny is one for us femboy lovers out there. Slim and tanned and very sexy, she strips out of her bikini and shows off her natural charms. After caressing her hormone titties she finally calms down long enough to have a good wank!

Shapely Gigi sports a new look and shows off her delicious body to the sound of some dreadful and very noisy Thai pop songs. (Best to mute this one!) Eventually she gets tired of doing the mattress shuffle and lies down to choke the monkey.

Nui (above right) gets banged hard by our stud but only after she has been subjected to all kinds of other abuse! Very sexy video...

From the archives but still worth seeing as the beautiful and sultry Tai gives herself a thorough and intimate workout. I wonder whatever happened to her. Certainly one of the most passable ladyboys in the world...

Shemale Island bikini babe Pom wriggles out of her outfit and shows off a very big thick cock. You can guess what time of day it is by the noises that the farmyard animals are making! She cums quickly and goes to take a shower...

Sexy Minny strips out of her sexy clothes and shows off her perfect body. If you like them with hairy areas then she's your gal. Anyway; she eventually reaches through the jungle and plays with her cock till she cums over her tummy and fingers...

Dirty blonde Tina strips out of her black dress and reveals a nice big fat cock. Once she is unencumbered by cotton she moans and groans her way to orgasm. After a frantic tug of war she gives up a good splash of ladyboy jizz...
July 2008
Jenny & Nat... June & Wan...
Sexy Angy looks very fuckable in her black dress and she pulls out her ladyboy dick to warm up for us. After a while the feel of fishnets proves too much and she showers herself with a splattering of spooge. Nice curvy shemale body on her.

No need to be scared, it's only Boo. Boo strips out of her bikini in a lonely Phuket garden and shows off her amazingly smooth and tight body. She then lathers herself up and hoses herself off. Nice to look at but not much cock action.

Jenny and Nat have a fight over... well, I never did figure that out! But it involves lots of ripping off of clothes and then the fun really begins! After the silly start, the video calms down a bit and these horny strumpets get down to some serious naughtiness!

Post op El from Phuket dances out of her bikini and shows off her dickless body for a few minutes. After she gets tired of that she pulls out a small candy cane dildo and sticks that up her shute... well, at lease she tries to.

MUTE your speakers for this one. Even on low volume the video is LOUD! But it's worth it as Natalie is one of the best models of this round up. I just love her pouts to camera. She's got the kind of face I could really... erm, cherish!

Once again we are treated to a resident of Shemale Island, in Phuket. Slim jungle bunny Sunny does what all the others do... dance outside till her clothes fall off then play with her willy. Nice hormone titties but could do with a trim!

Natural beauty Katy in an old clip but still worth looking at. Great body, nice large cock and perfect hormone tits. Shame they didn't have disposable razors back when this was shot, though! Uneventful clip with her playing to the camera.

June and Wan watch porn on their laptop and get all worked up. These skinny strumpets turn on each other and spend the next 20 minutes sucking and fucking and, well... you know the drilling by now! Watch and see for yourself!

Another native of Shemale Island! This one looks like a groupie for a Willie Nelson concert, though! And Mai even dances like she's listening to the old country crooner, too! Nice and smooth but nothing is gonna lift this fish out of the water!

Buxom powerbabe Nunny concentrates on the job in hand but the bloke behind the lense is determined to get her to say something. Eventually he gives up and eventually she shoots off a load. If you like Michael Jackson you'll love her cock!

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June 2008
Banana... Jen & Tangmo...
Alize makes sure her make up is just right then finds a dildo in her bag. After a while she pulls her plonker out of her pink panties and has a nice slow wank. Nice to see a ladyboy that trims her area! She gives up a messy wadge of spooge at the end.

Banana is the eigth natural wonder of the world. Here she is on a camping trip showing us all about nature. Soon though modesty forces her in the tent where we are treated to her having a good old fashioned pudding pull! She gets grass on her arse!

Post op Japanese looking Maki shows off that gash. But there's really little else for us to see and she knows it. She is a trooper, though and makes some interesting noises and jams a yellow dildo up her fish box! If you like posties...

Out of the archives for this. Pretty little Cherry sucks off her chum, Ton. He then fucks her and empties his wad on her chest. Next time I hope they remember to turn off their mobile! Looking at her face you get the impression she'd rather be out shopping.

Cor, it's Kaw! This slim flat chested Phuket native puts on a friendly show as she strips out of her bikini. Then she gets down to the serious task of whacking off... during which she suddenly gets transported into the shower room!

May slowly removes her dress and other bits then starts working on her cock. After a while she pulls out the loudest dildo in ladyboy history and huffs and puffs her way to a climax. For lovers of the fuller figured ladyboy then this might be for you.

Dark and dusky Natti shows off her shemale body by stripping out of her sexy kit. Then she licks her lips, stretches her ass wide and plays with her large meat stick. This eventually all pays off as she squirts a little jizz for us.

Two total slappers, Jen and Tangmo, suck and fuck and then do it all over again during this almost 20 minute movie. Lots of squelchy noises so I assume they are well lubed up and letting it all slide about with ease.

Pollar gets hot and bothered while on the phone and starts playing with her tackle. the nice thing about this vid, though, is that she can't resist helping herself to the photo guy's cock too! Lovely smooth cock and balls... hers, not his!

Dark skinned and slender Nui dances her way out of pink dress and eventually exposes her totally smooth meat and two veg. I wonder what happened to her after she left The Guess Bar. Maybe she'll show up again, eh? In the meantime we've got this movie.
May 2008
FERN & friend... Ming & Kwang! HOT!
Phuket player Pangpond kicks off May and plays with her pudding! But flying the flag for the good ol' USA first as she stripteases out of her bikini. If you like oudoor shoots then this one might just be what you are looking for... by dawns early light! Next Casanova perennial Candy before the operations... Here she is; slim, sexy and as always - beautiful. Irene has a beautiful shemale body that's just aching for a good rogering, right? This slutty little ladyboy strips out of her red dress and puts on a very sexy show.

Still at The Guess Bar - Fern. (Above left) Another video taken when she had a flatter chest area. First class XXX entertainment as she sucks and gets fucked. Just think - you could stroll down to The Guess Bar right now and fuck her yourself for about 50 bucks! Nurse Jojo is here to make everything better. This harlot is hot, hard and horny with perfect hormone titties. She'll strip out of her uniform to make you feel a lot better.

I don't usually like 'post op' girls too much, but this is one sexy ladyboy. Cream puts on a nice show for the camera and wriggles her babyish figure all over the place. If you are in the mood for something different then you know where to stick it! Ahhh... the crafty and delectable legend that is Lyla. This popular ladyboy will rob your heart while she distracts you with her sexual guile. Check out Ice as she struggles to get the juices flowing! More outdoor action from the remote back yard of some poor sods house.

THIS is why you pay your dues, right? Super sexy video of two super sexy ladyboys. Not much I can say so I'll just witter along till I've written four lines of garbage... Ming and Kwang (above right) do unspeakable acts of naughtiness to each other! And we round off the month with pretty Pepor as she puts on a show. This seductive and sexy Asian ladyboy writhes around and gives herself a good feel-up before stripping off and showing off her rock hard meatstick...

And that's it for May, 2008!
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April 2008

Sexy sensual student Lo starts off by putting on her school uniform then stripping it off. Very nice movie with her lovely young hormone titties and nice thick cock... Beam strips out of her silk nightie and dances for your pleasure! Nice slim body, perfect hormone tits and a cheeky grin! Something out of the archives now: Dirty strumpet and femboy femme fatale Ae does everything imaginable to and for her Mr Mann! (She used to do a sexy double act in one of the Patpong bars years ago.) Nasty, but nice! A good heart is what wins fair maiden and if you like curvy creatures from Shemale Island then you'll also enjoy this Heart. She dances around for a while then has a wank in the grass. Nice tits!

Need some cleaning done? Merde! Vicky (above right) plays French maid in this movie. It wasn't that long ago when this Asian starlet was a household name amongst us ladyboy lovers. But she's still around carrying that monster log of hers! THIS is why you pay your dues! (You did pay, right?) Super slutty victims of fashion, Pear & Pang, (above left) set about each others bodies with abandon. Fucking and sucking and... well, you know! Pretty little Pee! Little is right and the hormones have taken their toll so I thought I was in for a let down. But actually this sexy little ladyboy comes in buckets. I thought she'd never stop! Small soft tackle, but beautiful, fuckable face...

Ammy gets the juices flowing! She's a dirty bitch and seeing her finger fuck herself may be all the reason you need to download this movie... Full figured Bird unleashes her ladyboy log and starts dreaming of getting fucked. Eventually she unloads a truckload of tranny treacle all over the table. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat off that ever again. What a mess... Pretty Peem puts on a show. This seductive and sexy Asian ladyboy writhes around and gives herself a good feel-up before stripping off and ruining that brand new outfit she was told to wear. Shan't be able to use that set again... And there you have it for April 2008!

March 2008
CEE Koko & Meena
Sexy sensual Cee (above left) starts off the March lineup. She can't make up her mind as she first puts on the sexy black outfit then takes it off again! Luckily for us she soon gets hard and forgets all about what she's wearing! What a tasty tadger! Mmmmmm... Jiji is a 'crowd pleaser' amongst us Bangkok regulars. With her fantastic body and nice hard cock she always seems to be what a man wants any time of day or night. In this movie she slips into some sexy stuff and makes a huge splash at the end! Meet Chiang Mai ladyboy Bop who takes a more relaxed approach to stroking her knob. She used to work at the popular Simon Caberet but where she is these days is anyones guess. Check out the fleece of pubes. Yikes!

Now THIS is more like it, right lads? Two gorgeous gals getting greedy on each other! Koko & Meena (above right) certainly know what to do to pass the time of day when there's no man about the house. Need an experienced slapper to help pass the time? This slutty ladyboy might be able to fulfill your needs... Another set from our series of sirens set on Shemale Island. This time it's Oh who is up on the ramp for your inspection. God, how I'd love to have that mouth devouring my plonker! By the way, we are the only site featuring full length clips from Phuket. Rita rapes May... Agressive Rita takes control and abuses poor little May by forcing her to do some on-Godly things. At one time Rita was one of Bangkok's most famous 'tops'. Download this clip to find out why...

Another beautiful Asian ladyboy from The Guess Bar. Check out this sexy little minx before she had her boob job. Fern is a true shemale slut who you can fuck and fuck all day! And she's available every night if you are in Bangkok... Another trooper who's been around the block a bit and had her tired kicked! Joy gives you what few other ladyboys can... fucking nightmares! Anyway - if you are blind drunk or living in the far east or just come out of prison... well, you get my drift! Sultry sexy Somo strips slowly to reveal a big fat hard sausage log. She then gets herself hot and horny and pumps off her tallywacker all over her tummy. And that my friends is March...
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February 2008
Nancy & Will Ming

Sexy Nina starts off the month. This buxom Asian ladyboy sleepwanks! Yeah - I never heard of it myself till I saw this video! If you like your ladyboys full figured and sultry looking then Nina is the gal you've been waiting for. Sleepwanking - I'm lovin' it! Patty pouts and preens for the camera in this movie. This delightful, slim and naturally beautiful ladyboy starts off naked and shows off her nice body. Along the way she gives off a gushing geyser of geezer juice... Ladyboy Linda gets all kinds of action in this clip. Oh, by the way - she's left handed. Interesting, eh? Who's that lady in the red dress? It's Golf, that's who! Nice slim ladyboy with the pouting sexy face dances her way out of her red attire and manages to wake up the chicken in time for a Shemale Island sized breakfast of 'hot bean soup!' Ah... The legend that is Ming! (Above right!) She truly is a superstar. Fantastic video of a gloriously sexy Asian ladyboy. Perfect body, large hard dick and wow... that hair! She'll have you beating your meat in no time, so turn down the volume, lock the door and...

Wanna be dominated? Maybe Valencia can help you out! This buxom blond raids the wardrobe for some naughty clothing then gets herself all chubby. She wrestles with her fat cock till it's sick all over her tummy. Like the song says... Whip it! Jeepers! I didn't realise that Will had a cock that size! I don't think Nancy realised what she was letting herself in for either! But she soon learns to love it and in this excellent sexy movie she gets really big and hard herself as she's being pounded away on... Another beautiful Asian ladyboy from Chiang Mai - Ae! Very sensuous and sexy video. Shes hard, naked and ready for some attention from the very first frame! So sit back and relax while this naughty nymph wriggles about for your pleasure.

Beautiful and sensuous femboys in pigtails! My favourite kind of ladyboys... with their small sensitive hormone titties and sexy young Shemale Island bodies. Sultry sexy Kahk returns to the scene and if you haven't seen this girl in action then you're in for a treat. Her shapely body quivers and shivers as she willingly exercises her knob and splashes a wad over her tummy.
January 2008
Kyra Joy & Will
Sexy Kyra (above left) starts off the new year. She sets the table for two but when nobody shows to share the sausage plate she gets busy on herself! Are these the most luscious lips in ladyboy heaven? I think they probably are, you know! Cindy wiggles her well worn womanliness but let's be honest... there's a salon that needs a new recruit somewhere, right? Ladyboy Bow shows off her brand new chin and... hang on... that IS a new chin, right? Ah HA! THIS is more like it. The super sexy JOY (above right) and that lucky bastard Will team up for a game of hide the salami. Will is a clear winner as he manages to hide his salami more than the hapless Joy who seems content enough to play the role of hiding place! A trip to the video archive reveals Benze in this short clip. She actually has a lovely cock so we thought we'd share this one with you. Sexy, sultry Organ plays with her... oh I can't say it! Cute and pretty Gee Gee shoots a spray of jizm several feet into the air! Fantastic! Yo & Ton do what they're paid to do... he sticks his thingy into her poo hole... Beautiful and sensuous looking Thai ladyboy Rin is dancing her way to my heart! If you like them jungle bunnies with brown skin and flat chests then you'll probably get a stiffy watching Rin. Finally: a school girl shoot! Top is a cute ladyboy and I'd love to wriggle on her but after a few minutes she seems to have lost her keys up her ass and no amount of coaxing...

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